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Real Horror Stories - Ultimate edition
Get the Ultimate edition on Steam with additional 6 levels and all upgraded graphics for HD! Relive the hellish nightmare...

Real Horror Stories
If you found a bridge to the other side, would you cross it? Would you enter the realm of the dead, where tormented souls live in eternal darkness?

Movie House: The Haunting
Movie House: The Haunting is the name of the new game, currently in development by GameORE. The gameplay style will be similar to our previous game, Real Horror Stories, with a focus on riddles (and jumpscares of course).

Halloween month!
We are adding Steam Trading Cards to Real Horror Stories. What's more, GameORE has relocated to Paris, France and might be joining Game Connection 2014 at the end of October!
Movie House production hell
Our new game, Movie House: The Haunting, is no more in production hell. After a year of delays and pauses, we continue on our regular schedule to finish it as soon as we can.
Real Horror Stories for iOS
Real Horror Stories has been released on the App Store for your iPhone and iPad. The game costs only 0.99$ or 0.83€ and you can get the game here.
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