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The Horror Report: Criminals
Here you can find answers regarding gameplay, technical and troubleshooting issues. For specific questions, you can always refer to our Contact page.
Do I need to know about serial killers to play the game?
No, special knowledge is not required. One of the fun parts of the game is that you can guess many of the answers.
Is there a way to rate a story?
Yes. After each story, you can select "Rate the Story" and send us your vote online.
How do I adjust the sound volume?
All the sounds/music are controlled by your device/computer audio settings. You can control the volume using the hardware or software volume controls of your device, bluetooth headset, or headphones.
What is the size of the game?
The installed game takes 33 MB, that all goes straight to your external storage. There are also minor files (less than 1 KB) for each checkpoint.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to play?
No, it’s not needed, but you have to be connected to the internet for the rating to work. You can also take advantage of some buttons that point to websites concerning your game, if you are online.
Where can I see the results of the rating?
There is a button on the menu that takes you to our website. Here you can see the results of the polls.
Can I instantly see my votes on the site?
Not instantly. The new updates happen once a week.
Are you guys psychopaths or what?
Now why would you say something like that?
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