Real Horror Stories
Here you can find answers regarding gameplay, technical and troubleshooting issues. For specific questions, you can always refer to our Contact page.
How do I save my game?
There are checkpoints along the game you can find and save your progress. These are after Level 2, 4, 6 and 10. Make sure you tap/click to save your progress.
How do I load my game?
When you are at your start screen, before the actual game starts, press "Continue" and you automatically load your latest checkpoint.
How do I adjust the sound volume?
All the sounds/music are controlled by your device/computer audio settings. You can control the volume using the hardware or software volume controls of your device, bluetooth headset, or headphones.
What is the size of the game?
The installed game takes 20 MB, that all goes straight to your external storage. There are also minor files (less than 1 KB) for each checkpoint.
What is the purpose in this game?
You start in the middle of the night, at the edge of the forest, near the cemetery. You start a journey that will lead you through a mystic temple, all the way to hell and back.
How do I progress in this game?
The objective of the game is to clear every stage. Most of the levels are straightforward while a few are about solving riddles.
Sometimes things seem to be repeated indefinitely. Do you have any tips?
This happens because there is a different combination of taps/clicks you need to do in order to progress with the game.
I'm having trouble with progressing in the game. Do you have any tips?
You should check our online guides here.
What is the best way to play this game?
GameORE recommends you playing the game late at night, while you're alone with the lights turned off and with headphones on!
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