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If you found a bridge to the other side, would you cross it? Would you enter the realm of the dead, where tormented souls live in eternal darkness?

Real Horror Stories - Ultimate edition for Steam
Game tips
Here you can find detailed tips and tricks on how to pass each level and finish the game. You can always check the Video walkthroughts section as well. Each level isn't as easy as it looks...
Level 1 - The beginning
#1 - Light the candle in the small shrine and then poke the tree where it's dripping blood.
#2 - After the little doll falls from the branches, blow out the small shrine and relight it again.
Level 2 - The widow and the child
#1 - Click on the swing until you hear a child's laughter.
#2 - Immediately after hearing the laughter, move your mouse cursor over the crying widow.
Level 3 - Pieces
#1 - Put the pieces together to complete the puzzle.
#2 - Notice the title of the next article...
Level 4 - Two graves
#1 - Dig the pile of dirt to find 2 skulls.
#2 - Each ghost needs to touch its skull.
Level 5 - Dead man
#1 - There are 3 candles that need to be lit.
#2 - When only 2 are lit, a demon-spirit will come and extinguish the flames.
Level 6 - Secret entrance
#1 - Clicking on the lower part of the screen takes you back to the main grave scene.
#2 - The way to answer the riddle is to draw a reversed pentagram. Start from the left.
Level 7 - In the cave
#1 - Start by clicking on the pile of bones and then poke the wound on the headless carcass.
#2 - Throw a rock in the depths of the cave to make noise to make the bats fly away.
Level 8 - Nine candles
#1 - Light all the candles and wait for a hidden tip.
#2 - Light the correct candles to clear the level.
Level 9 - The temple
#1 - These are the main 3 places to check, in order to proceed with this level.
#2 - Complete the ritual and open the gates to hell.
Level 10 - Plains of Hell
#1 - Click on the left cross two times and the middle cross once or the other way around.
#2 - Avoid clicking on the cross in the back, except in only 1 instance.
Level 11 - The passage
#1 - Point at the blood stain on the right rocks to make the first hanged person fall.
#2 - Click the first person 1 time, then point at the correspondant carving on the right.
Level 12 - Blood sacrifice
#1 - Click to pick up the sword and use it to kill the crying baby.
#2 - Keep hitting the baby until all 4 holes drip with blood.
Level 13 - Stone door
#1 - Memorize the sequence of the symbols that glow to unlock the door.
#2 - The first sequence involves 4 symbols.
Level 14 - Blood path
#1 - Blood has to flow from one spot to the other.
#2 - There is a clue inside the iron maiden that will help you later on.
Level 15 - Cages
#1 - Click on the prisoners, from left to right.
#2 - Listen carefully for their moans.
Level 16 - Letters
#1 - Annuit Coeptis is associated with the number 13. Read Deuteronomy 13:13.
#2 - Do you remember what the clue in the iron maiden said?
Level 17 - The well of souls
#1 - Torture the body or cut the rope to throw it into a bottomless pit.
#2 - There are 2 choices to end the game. You have to decide what you want.
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